Time for a change

Time for a change

We can’t believe THUIS will be celebrating its first birthday party on the 3th of October already! The past month we have been looking back and we cannot help but feel incredibly proud of what we have achieved: we have welcomed more than 10.000 visitors, we hosted around 300 different activities and we started all kinds of different projects with other organizations in Wageningen. Of course we did not do this alone… THUIS has a super community – we can rely on everyone (our board, hosts, chefs and other friends of THUIS) to do their part in creating the common space we all enjoy so much.

Our dream for THUIS was to be a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, locals, children and elderly could meet to inspire each other and to undertake all kinds of activities. In part, this dream came true: people come to THUIS, meet each other, and hopefully leave more inspired than they were when they came in. Now that we have come this far, we think it’s time to move things to the next level and focus more on projects, activities, and ACTION.

To make this happen we decided to make some changes to encourage connection, entrepreneurship, and sharing skills and knowledge. One of the most visible changes is the look of the common room: during the summer we upgraded the old furniture by painting it in bright colors and by rearranging it. Now, the first thing you see when you enter is a spacious work area where you can study, have a group meeting or work on your business ideas. Many different books about entrepreneurship and the changing society are available for you to use. As always, we work on a ‘whoever gets their ass over here first is in luck’ basis, but if you are not an early bird and you want to play it safe, we do have an extra room where you can reserve/rent a desk.
The lounge area has been moved to the back of the room and we made it somewhat smaller and cozier. Between the work and lounge area there a few tables where we suggest you could e.g. enjoy your homemade lunch or play a board game.


Beside the looks we are also working hard on an inspiring and creative program for the coming year. We will organize and host different workshops on starting your own project, ideas or business. Subjects to be covered are e.g. community building, funding, and the use of social media. But don’t worry if this isn’t your cup of tea – there’ll be plenty of less-serious stuff too! Join us for a potluck dinner on Sunday (every Sunday!), or the occasional movie nights, game-events, pop-up restaurants and many other events !

Read more about how we progress on shaping THUIS to be the best it can be in our next blog 🙂


The last change we want to mention is our choice for English as main language on our social media. This choice was a though one for us as THUIS is a Dutch project and English is of course not our native tongue. However as you know Wageningen is an international city and by choosing English as our main language on social media we also want to reach out to the people who haven’t mastered Dutch yet. We are working on translating the website and our other media (for which we could really use your help 😉 ).

With these changes we hope THUIS will get ever more inclusive, sustainable and vivid. If you have questions about these changes or you have some suggestions for us, please let us know – we highly appreciate feedback!

Oh and please forgive and correct us when you notice mistakes in our English so we can keep improving that as well:)

– Credits for Eline van Breukelen for editing this blog –


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