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A new interior
part one
-This blog is written by Anneke op 't Hoog the interior architect-

During my studies at art school I used to be more structured than most students. Working as a traffic manager - managing marketing projects for a fashion company - I missed the creative outlet. As interior designer that also guides the remodelling process, I’ve found a way to combine the creative with the organized.

Working on the renovation of Thuis is a real treat. The new interior is set out to meet the needs that the organisation has and match the new brand identity. The quirky building should set the stage for all that Thuis organizes; workshops, dinner parties, dance lessons, comedy nights, a place to house homeless greenery, you name it! A solid basis with nice details and warm and fresh colours. Thuis exudes energy. There is no shortage in ideas, plans and projects. I wanted to make sure that the design would provide a space - figuratively as well as literally - to give room to this energy and have it complement instead of dictating the usage.

It’s nice to have the whole interior of the building coming together. I love the nooks that used to have no real usage and repurpose those areas, make them pop out more. I love how the new staircase including the new cupboard under the stairs turned out. We’re aiming for the same transformation in the old counter area where the clothes swap corner houses.

As there are in every renovation we’ve had some challenges. However, our work in the back part of the building has come together nicely. Without resting on our laurels we’re continuing in the front part, including the ‘stadskamer’, the heart of Thuis.